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​​​​ Baby Hand & Foot Casting

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Hi my name is Sue and I have a great job making beautiful framed hand and feet casts for your little ones.


 I have owned a Little Impressions business is Essex since 2004 and have met many wonderful people through my work. Time goes so fast especially when you have children. So many parents comment "I wish I had got some casts of my children when they were small".  Life is busy and before we know it our babies are walking and talking and those early days are gone in a blink.


At Little impressions we can capture those little hands and feet, every crease, every line, so you can always remember how small they were. 


"What I the best age to have impressions taken?" is a question I am often asked. Well it is personal preference.  Some customers like impressions taken as young as possible, some prefer them when they are 6 to 12 months, totally gorgeous, a little chubby maybe and lots of personality. Others mark a special occasion, 1st birthday, christening, starting school etc.


We gently press the hand / foot into soft clay which we use as a mold to make the cast; each impression is unique just like your child.  They are lovingly hand crafted and professionally framed. Our British made solid oak and pine frames are sourced from the best grade wood available and are finished to your taste.


Approx 4 to 6 weeks after taking the impressions your finished order is completed.


Many customers later tell me that their Little Impressions are so loved and treasured, a timeless keepsake that lasts forever.  And, to be honest, that is what makes my job so rewarding!


How can I get an impression / book an appointment?

Phone 01277 650288

Mobile: 07771754144

Email; Susant@little-impressions.com

Website; www.littleimpressionsbillericay.com​

​To view my work please visit my facebook​ ​