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​​​ Hypnobirthing

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​There can often be a lot of fear surrounding giving birth and people can feel anxious when it should be a very exciting time.  The unique thing about Hypnobirthing and the thing that sets it apart from other traditional antenatal courses is that it deals with the mind.  The mind can have a powerful effect on the way in which the body functions.  If there is fear it can cause tension and ultimately pain during the natural process of childbirth. 

We teach expectant couples over a 4 week course tools and techniques to combat any fear surrounding birth.  We empower them with knowledge of what to expect during labour so that they can stay calm and relaxed on a deep subconscious level.  Therefore, they are able to have a beautiful, positive, comfortable birthing experience. 

During the course we write birth plans, talk about the important role of the birth partner, the birthing environment and much more.  We teach specific breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques (all of which are tools for life, not just for birth!)

The group course costs £230 which includes the Hypnobirthing book, Cd and handouts.  We teach no more than 5 couples as part of a group to ensure that people feel comfortable to ask questions and have the opportunity to get to know each other well.  The courses are held on a Wednesday evening 7pm-9.30pm or on a Saturday morning 10 am – 12.30pm in a home from home environment at Willow Cottage, Billericay.  Plenty of snacks and refreshments are provided.

Private one to one courses are also available on request and can be arranged at mutually convenient times and dates.



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