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​ Weaning Courses


Happy Tums is here to help you make your baby's transition to solid foods easy, fun and healthy!  We believe weaning should be an exciting and rewarding time for parents and babies but we know that it can also be a little bit overwhelming.


Our weaning workshops are relaxed, informal and designed to tell you everything you want and need to know.  Delivered by either Nicola or Theresa, both qualified nutritionists and Mums, we have the practical experience and expertise to really support you on this exciting adventure with food!


Our approach is unique – supporting you at every stage of the weaning process; from that very first mouthful right through into the toddler years. We are passionate about providing the best start for babies by ensuring they are eating healthy, delicious and easy to prepare foods.


Get ready for your baby to explore an exciting new world of tastes, textures, smells and mess!​

For further enquiries or to book workshops contact us:

Email: info@happytums.co.uk

Telephone: 07908817338 or 07765251301

​Or visit our Facebook Page

​  www.happytums.co.uk​