Baby Massage

Once a new Mum feels ready to start getting out and about with her newborn, a great way to enhance the bond between them is to take a Baby Massage course.  

We teach Baby Massage at Willow Cottage in small groups on a Wednesday 10am-11am.  The course costs £40 and is for the block of 4 sessions, handouts and massage oil included. The classes are from newborn up until the baby is crawling.  

Mums come to the very relaxed environment at Willow Cottage and learn the massage strokes which they then are able to go home and practice using on baby.

There are numerous health and wellbeing benefits from doing Baby Massage such as learning to calm and soothe your baby. Also how to communicate with  baby using touch.  Boosting baby's own natural immunity and relieving colic and constipation. ​


07985 026387​


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