Pregnant or breastfeeding? Don't Suffer In Silence this summer with your Hayfever!

Pregnant or breastfeeding? Don’t suffer in silence this summer with your Hayfever!

by Jan Phelps at 6:43 PM

Does sneezing, a runny nose and itchy eyes sound familiar? Does the thought of lighter evenings and sunnier days fill you with dread?

The onset of spring can bring such positivity but also the dreaded Hayfever season!

Pregnancy and Hayfever can be daunting. Your normal over the counter drugs, nasal spray, antihistamines are no longer your friend as you are advised not to take them during Pregnancy.

Have you thought about Homeopathy? This gentle, but effective treatment can immediately help and relieve the symptoms. In addition, more long term deeper acting Homeopathic treatment over the autumn and winter months can help and strengthen your immune system. This will help each Hayfever season, until symptoms have largely dwindled.

"Approximately one in four of the UK population will suffer from an allergy at some point in their lives, according to the British Allergy Foundation and the number of people affected is increasing by five per cent each year.

Hayfever symptoms make an appearance when an allergen such as pollen triggers a hypersensitive reaction in the eyes, nose, throat and/or chest. Contact with the allergen sets off the release of histamine that causes the characteristic inflammation, streaming and congestion that are so characteristic of a nasty hay fever reaction. Helios Homeopathic pharmacy.

As a Homeopath I would be looking to find an appropriate remedy to match your individual symptoms. Each consultation lasts about an hour then I would prescribe a remedy that you would take in water.

Some examples of remedy support;-

Allium Cepa, runny nose, tickling cough, eyes running. Particularly good in the later season

Sabadilla, very good sneezing remedy, but also good for sore throats especially if you feel as if something is hanging in your throat.

Wyethia, itching of the nose, throat feels swollen, with perhaps a desire to swallow more.

Dulcamara, nose is blocked or watery discharge. Worse near cut grass

Ambrosia, itching of the eyelids, watery cold & sneezing

A general support through this season would be: -

  • Avoid long grass

  • Keep windows and vents closed in the car. Air conditioning in the car can help.

  • Keep windows closed as much as possible, net curtains can help to trap any pollen.

  • Stay indoors during peak pollen times 7 am – 9 am and 3pm to 7pm

  • Avoid mowing the grass during daytime as it creates clouds of pollen

  • Avoid grass and hedge cuttings

  • Wear wrap around sunglasses to protect your eyes when going outside.

  • Avoid stroking pets as they carry pollen in their fur.

  • Shower and wash hair after being outside to eliminate traces of pollen.

  • Avoid contact with cigarette smoke, wearing perfume is not a good idea.

  • When planning a holiday remember mountains tender to have fewer flowers and pollen count lower by the sea.

  • Itchy eyes – bathe with one teaspoon of salt in a pint of cooled boiled water.

  • Try splashing your face with cold water

  • Blow your nose gently, hard blowing can burst the grains of pollen and increase their irritant effect.

  • Apply a cold pack on the nose and face.

  • Apply a balm inside your nose to stop pollen settling

  • Take a teaspoon of local honey daily

  • Take a high quality probiotic, good bacteria seem to ease Hayfever symptoms .

  • Organic Nettle tea may inhibit the inflammatory response.

  • Beta glucans support the immune system, found in porridge or an immune support from

To ease your Hayfever symptoms call for an appointment with Jo on 01277 623534 ​

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